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Держатель номерного знака Devil LOW RnineT черный

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  • Артикул 44111-202
  • Производитель Wunderlich
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Описание товара:
Держатель номерного знака Devil LOW RnineT черный
Артикул: 44111202

Unobstructed view of the tires and an uncompromising Retro-Style .

The facts:

Light weight, reduced to the bare essentials aluminum license plate carrier directly at the cardan.
The license plate carrier can be displaced on the ground plate ( farther or closer to the tire).
Thanks to oblong holes, the license plate can be also displaced in height.
Same drilling pattern as for the original license plate (no other drill holes necessary)
4 rear light versions available (all versions are E-approved):
1. Mounting kit for original rear light.
2. Rear light kit STRIPE with integrated rear brake light.
3. Rear light kit DEVILS EYE with integrated rear brake light. The smallest approved tail- and brake light!
4. Kellermann indicator RHOMBUS with integrated tail- / brake light and flashing function.
The carrier of the rear light / indicator mount (below the seat) covers the entire gap of the seat-bottom .
Turn signal brackets over easily movable carriage laterally extendable.
Indicator can be positioned at several positions to the vehicle axis.
Laser cut, coated Aluminium / VA or Bi-Color with electro-polished VA-carrier and license plate-plate in titanium.
Can be combined with all original turn signals (standard & LED) or Kellermann turn signals.
Passenger seat- / hump-mounting as the original.
Incl. cat’s eye reflector carrier (also height adjustable) and E- approved cat’s eye reflector.
With flat LED license plate illumination.
With ABE approval (*Carrier will be provisionally delivered with TÜV approval (ABE has been commissioned and will be forwarded free of charge)).
Scope of supply:Base carrier for installation below the seat with several possible indicator positions (adjustable to the vehicle axis and in width), license plate carrier, LED license plate lighting, cat’s eye reflector / - carrier and complete fitting kit.

With rear light conversion DEVILS-EYE

Совместимо с моделями мотоциклов:
  R nineT (2014 - )
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